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  • Quinn Burroughs
    General Manager

    Quinn has worked with our company for the last 8 years and has 30 years of experience in the Automotive Industry. He was born and raised in Maryland although he loves to travel. Quinn is married with four children and enjoys spending his time with his family and getting away to Rehoboth Beach; he is an avid supporter of charities for children with special needs.

    I appreciate you visiting our website and look forward to having my extraordinary staff, or me personally, assist you in any way we can. I am proud to work for this company that shares the exact same honest, candid and transparent philosophy as it pertains to doing business. 

  • Joshua Jones
    General Sales Manager

    I have been with Porsche Bethesda since we opened in 2017 and have been in the automotive industry since 2004.  I thoroughly enjoy assisting my clients and getting to spend time around the best cars on the planet.  When I'm not at the dealership I enjoy cooking, traveling, trying new restaurants, and spending time with my wife and 2 kids (rescue dogs).  I am looking forward to helping you with your next vehicle purchase!

  • Malcolm Faulkner
    Sales Manager

    I have spent 11 Years in the industry and have experience with BMW, Rolls Royce and Lamborghini.

    I was born in Brooklyn, New York and have lived in VA for the last 21 years.  I am married with 2 children.  I love spending time at the beach with family, grilling food and watching my New York Giants. 

  • Alex Valenzuela
    Service Manager

    Alex has over 20 years in the Automotive Industry with a focus on German Engineering. He has worked in both the parts and service departments through his career. Alex is fluent in Spanish, English and Greek. He enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children. Alex also makes time to coach his sons' basketball teams.

  • Ashley Fertitta
    Parts Manager

    Ashley has been with Sonic for almost 12 years! She started as a technician before transitioning to the Parts Department. She is a tremendously giving and caring human and recently donated 11" of her hair to Locks of Love. Recently Ashley has earned her motorcycle license and is taking to the streets on her new bike. She is a huge lover of all animals, especially her beloved Dachshunds Shelby and Dot.

  • Cindy Burroughs
    Customer Experience Manager

    Cindy has spent close to ten years focusing on customer service and ensuring that each guest receives the time and attention needed to address their needs in both the sales and service departments. She has a unique and personalized approach emphasizing the relationship between the dealership and the customer. When not at work Cindy likes to spend her time with her husband and children as well as volunteering her time to children with special needs. Her favorite place is the beach.

  • Christian Arostegui
    Sales Associate

    I am originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I have worked in the automotive industry for over 5 years. I have been working with highline brands such as BMW and Mercedes and am thrilled to be with Porsche now. When I'm not working I'm either playing golf, taking photos or hanging out with friends.

  • Brian Matos
    Sales Associate

    I have been in car sales for 4 years at Tesla. Before that I spent 3 years as part of a small auto ​tuning and performance parts company. 
    Growing up I was always involved in the car scene. I have many fond memories of my Dad and I working on our matching Terminator Cobra Mustangs, going to meets, as well as racing at MIR.

    I spend most of my time outside of work with my wife, daughter, and our obese cat. My down time includes gaming, fitness, and working on our small family crafting business.

  • Dexter Jay
    Sales Associate - Brand Ambassador
    (301) 945-4229

  • Sam Vassallo
    Brand Specialist

  • Brandon Washington
    Sales Associate

  • Phil Lozano
    Service Advisor
    (301) 945-4225

    Phil has been in the auto industry 20 years and been a Service Advisor for 10 years. His hobbies include riding his motorcycle, playing drums in his band and performing live and getting as much quality time with his wife and 3 children as he can find.

  • Louis Pradel
    Service Advisor
    (301) 945-4364

    Louis Has been in the car industry 12 years and with Porsche Bethesda for 3 years. He is a lifelong lover of Porsches and dreams of owning his own one day. Louis loves to travel, watch and participate in sports and video games.

  • Brandon Gaither
    (301) 945-4227

    Brandon has been in the auto business 14 years and loved Porsches as a kid and that interest made him want to know more throughout his career. In his spare time Brandon loves spending time with his dog and building cars.

  • Donald Dewey
    (301) 945-4227

    Donald has been in the industry 15 years and spent 11 of those with Porsche. His absolutely loves how they perform. In his free time Donald likes to relax and read.

  • Douglas Lanciano
    (301) 945-4227

    Douglas Lanciano, I have been with sonic for 8 years. I am into Drifting, Building drift/race cars and more drifting. Racing and cars are in my blood, I grew up with an dad and uncle that had me driving and wrenching on cars at a very young age which where my passion started. My love for cars is second to know, there are car people and there's me.

  • Peter Min
    (301) 945-4227

    Peter has been with Porsche Bethesda since 2018 and is fascinated with this brand. He grew up working on cars and absolutely loves driving cars. In his free time he enjoys a great social life and trying new restaurants.

  • Jerome Bellamy

  • Eugene Abalos

  • Eun Cha

  • Walter Hinkley
    (301) 945-4365

    Walter has been with Porsche 21 years of his 28-year career. He recently was recognized by Porsche Cars North America for his over 20 years as a technician and received a handmade award to honor him. Walter loves the people he works with and when he is not at work he loves being outdoors with his wife and two kids.

  • Michael Radan

    Michael is a bibliophile and his favorite genre is thrillers. He has been collecting cacti for four years and that actually makes him a cactiphile too. Before becoming a Porsche enthusiast Michael was a lifeguard and his favorite Porsche is the Red Macan.

  • Erica Uy

    Erica is new to the automotive industry however she is loving more than she thought she would!  When not at work Erica enjoys art of all varieties; she especially enjoys photography, digital art, and hiking.  Interesting fact, Erica is the only one in her family that was born in Maryland!

  • Juan Claros
    Parts Specialist

  • Paul Vidal
    Parts Specialist